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KD 4.500 KD 5.000 10% Off
    • T1516- 002 BRUNE COMEDIE
    • T1516- 003 BLEU DRAMA
    • T1516- 005 VIOLET CABARET
    • T1516- 007 VERT OPERA
  • Traditional Kohl is here revisited to now take the shape of a cone to perfectly fit the shape of the eye, a practical shape and pack, nomadic and easy to use. Its formula is ultra-concentrated in pigments and natural waxes for the extreme comfort of application. Exceptional colour intensity enhance your look for more than 12 hours, based on a specific technology of high-intensity pigments. Perfectly suited for sensitive eyes, it causes no dryness inside and around the eyes., its conical shape does not need to be sharpened and can be taken anywhere thanks to its completely sealed jewel case.


  • Draw a line following the root of lashes starting from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye. For a look calligraphic, stretch the line on the upper eyelid by extending slightly at the outer corner of the eye.
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